At The Morrissey Law Firm, P.C., we value

our relationships with our clients.


The Morrissey Promise

The attorney works for the client, not the other way around. It is always the client’s case, which is why our job is to investigate, evaluate, and advise our clients. Our client’s job is to make decisions that will determine the outcome of their personal injury case, with my guidance every step of the way.

The attorney-client relationship must be based on complete trust and honesty. It’s a two-way street. Not just from the client to the attorney, but more importantly, from me to you. That’s why I will never sugar-coat anything. However, I will always be respectful, and I will always be empathetic to what you are going through.


The Morrissey Client

Most of all, it is important to us that you want me as your attorney. That’s why we want a face-to-face meeting with our clients before we begin working on their behalf. This meeting is really a two-way interview. Not only am I interviewing you to see if I want to represent you for your personal injury claim, but more importantly, you are interviewing me to see if you want me as your attorney. I believe the best way you can do that is to meet me in person, look me in the eye, judge my character, and ask me the questions that are important to you.

As your attorney, I am focused on protecting your best interests and will obtain the best possible outcome for your needs. Contact us today so I can begin evaluating your case.