10 Questions to Consider After a Car Accident

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know that there are a plethora of things to consider immediately following the incident. Injuries, emotions and even distractions from the other driver or their insurance carrier can create increased complication in an already difficult scenario. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself after you are in an automobile accident.

  1. Do I have a claim? If you experience physical injury or property damage from another driver’s negligence then you may have a claim. Contact an attorney to evaluate damages that were caused by the other person’s wrongdoing.
  2. How much is my claim worth? In order to determine how much a claim is worth, you will need a full evaluation of injuries and medical expenses.
  3. Can I lose the right to recover damages? If you fail to file a lawsuit within a set time, you can lose your right to recover compensation. The statute of limitations differs in every state and you should consult your attorney for all information.
  4. What should I do it I’m hurt? If you’re hurt because of a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. Make sure you tell your healthcare providers about all of your injuries, pain and discomfort so they can record this information to assist with your claim.
  5. How will my medical bills get paid? Your medical bills will likely get paid by your health insurance or auto insurance provider. After a settlement has been made, you will also receive money from the responsible party towards medical bills.  Car Accident
  6. What if the other driver is uninsured? If the driver is uninsured, your own insurance policy should provide coverage for physical injuries and vehicle damages.
  7. Do I have to cooperate with insurance adjusters? If the adjuster is working for the other driver’s insurance company, you are not required to cooperate with the adjuster. Do not give a statement or sign any papers. Instead, wait for your attorney so your rights are protected.
  8. When should I call my attorney? Call your attorney as soon as you receive medical attention for any injuries. If you are not injured, your attorney should be one of the first calls you make.
  9. Can I represent myself? Chances are you are not aware of your legal rights and duties after a car wreck. An attorney can advise you with everything from handling claims to negotiating settlements.
  10. Can I afford an attorney? Simply put – Yes. Most attorneys work on a contingency fee and are only paid out of the insurance check.

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