Back to School Safety Tips

As the new school year approaches, ensuring the safety of our children becomes paramount. Active play on playgrounds and safe transportation are key concerns. According to the NSC, playground injuries account for more than 200,000 emergency room visits annually . Check out these back to school safety tips to keep your kiddos safe this school year.

Playground Safety: Active Play, Aware Parents

Transportation: A Safe Ride to School

The NHTSA reports that very few traffic fatalities involve kids on school buses (less than 1%). But there is a higher risk of injury when leaving or approaching the bus. Follow these tips to keep yours kids safe on their way to school this fall.

  • Ensure your child wears a seat belt on school buses if available.
  • Teach your child proper bus behavior, including staying seated while the bus is moving.
  • If your child walks or bikes to school, emphasize the importance of using designated crossings and wearing helmets.
  • Remind teenagers who drive to school to always wear seat belts and avoid distractions.
  • Always, always, always look both ways before crossing the street when coming to and leaving the bus.

Preventing Injuries: A Collaborative Effort

  • Schools should conduct regular inspections and maintenance of playground equipment.
  • Parents and guardians should communicate safety rules and guidelines to their children.
  • Schools should provide bus safety education to students and enforce proper behavior.
  • Communities can work together to improve crosswalks and pedestrian safety near schools.

Conclusion: A Safer Academic Journey

As we gear up for the upcoming school year, let’s prioritize playground and transportation safety. Active involvement and adherence to safety guidelines can significantly reduce injuries. Remember, it takes a collective effort to create a secure learning environment for our children.

We hope these back to school safety tips have helped to keep safety front of mind as kiddos start returning to school this fall. If you need legal assistance regarding a personal injury, please contact us today to start evaluating your potential case.