Preparing for Winter Driving Conditions

While the first significant snow has yet to hit us here in Missouri, we know that it is not far off.  The beauty of winter can often be overlooked because of the many hazards it creates for motorists.  Here are some tips to consider as you prepare yourself for a safe winter driving season.

Winter Driving
  • Fatigued driving – Driving when you are tired is never a good idea. Doing so when there are additional hazards in the form of snow and ice is a recipe for disaster. Before venturing out, determine if you are rested enough for the task.
  • Maintain your vehicle – In addition to preparing yourself for winter driving, it is crucial to make sure your car is ready. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread to safely maneuver in snow and ice. In addition, be sure that you have adequate gasoline for the trip if you become stuck in slow traffic conditions.
  • Buckle up – This is non-negotiable and should be done every time you get into a vehicle whether as a passenger or driver.
  • Monitor conditions – It is crucial to know what you are heading into before you hit the road. Tune into local weather before you leave and keep tuned in on the road so that you are aware of hazards you might encounter on your trip
  • Stock up – Be sure to have a winter safety kit including a shovel, jumper cables, a blanket, gloves, hats, boots, flares, a phone charger and a first aid kit.
  • Stay in your car – If you do become stranded, stay in your car. Leaving your vehicle puts you in the path of other cars and changing weather conditions.
  • Reduce your speed – This is the number one reason people get into accidents during winter driving.
  • Accelerate slowly – In addition to slowing down when driving, it is crucial to accelerate and decelerate at a slower speed. This will allow you to maintain greater control in slippery conditions.
  • Avoid the brakes – If you need to come to a stop, simply remove your foot from the gas. If you do need to use the brakes, tap lightly and then remove pressure. Never slam on your brakes.

The team at Morrissey Law Firm wishes you a safe winter driving season.

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