Road Trip Accidents: Safety Tips & How to Avoid Them

Our favorite time of year is right around the corner: summer. With warm weather and vacation days ready to use, summertime is an immensely popular time to hit the road with family and friends to explore new destinations. What many fail to recognize is proper planning is crucial for the success of a road trip. While they are exhilarating and fun, preparing for the worst should be part of the conversation and plans. We’ve got a few tips to get you started.

Road trip

Get the OK from Your Auto Shop

Before you hit the road, one of your to-dos is to get your car serviced. Driving long hours through different towns is not the ideal time to break down or get into an accident. An oil change, tire pressure inspection, and rotation are just a few you should check before you go anywhere. The DMV’s car maintenance checklist is a great place to start, along with any handy advice from your auto body shop.

Supply Your Car with a Survival Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want is to break down and not be prepared for a long wait or to be caught in harsh weather conditions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests having resources such as food, water, phone chargers, jumper cables, a first-aid kit, and blankets as just some of the tools necessary to have handy on a road trip.

Create a Driving Schedule

According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), around 168 million people admitted to driving behind the wheel while feeling drowsy, and around 103 million people admitted falling asleep while driving. If you’re driving with a carload of people, create a driving schedule where everyone over the age of sixteen takes a turn driving, so the risk of falling asleep at the wheel decreases.

Road trips are meant for great times and even better memories, but unfortunately, accidents can still happen. If you end up involved in an accident, contact the Morrissey Law Firm, P.C., in Springfield, Missouri. We focus on personal injury and wrongful death trial work. If you need a personal injury or wrongful death attorney, please contact us to schedule a consultation.