Semi-Truck Accidents Differ from Auto Accidents

If you have witnessed an accident between two vehicles, you can imagine how frightening and costly it is. And it doesn’t end at the scene – law enforcement, tow trucks, insurance companies, mechanics, and sometimes hospitals, can all be involved for months, even years, after the impact. Now, imagine being in a wreck with a semi-truck. It’s a completely different scenario, so it is treated as such.

Operating on 18 Wheels

The trucking industry, including the companies, the semis, and the drivers, are all strictly regulated and governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a way to reduce the instances of truck accidents, and hopefully, increase safety on American roadways. Although both semi-truck and other auto accidents can result in injuries or death to those involved, there are many issues and factors that are typical of truck accidents that do not apply to other auto accidents.

semi driving down road

Size Matters

According to the FMCSA ,the number fatal crashes involving a large truck increased by 8% between 2014 and 2015. The largest and most obvious difference between semi accidents and car accidents is that the impact is normally much more severe due to the size and weight of a semi-truck. It also takes a big rig longer to stop because of this factor. Unfortunately, the length of stop time mixed with high speeds can lead to deadly disasters.

Insuring Precious Cargo

Because injuries caused by semi-truck accidents are typically more severe than injuries caused in other auto accidents, there is a lot more insurance money involved. Because of this, trucking insurance companies will defend their claims aggressively to protect the large amount of money on the line.

semi accidentThe variances between an accident case with a semi-truck and other vehicles, in all probability, will be many. Different insurance coverages and the variety of negligent parties involved with semi-truck accidents can make such cases quite complex. Therefore, working with a semi-truck accident lawyer will help the injured to be treated fairly.

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